ac woodturning | Walnut Key Rings
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About This Project

Whilst undertaking a bit of light skip diving (with the owner’s consent) I came across some shot gun stocks which had been removed from decommissioned guns and were destined for a log burner.  They were made of beautiful French walnut which is far too nice to burn!

As you’re probably aware by now sustainability is really important to me so they were acquired and I gave some thought to how they could be used.  The largest part of the butt became trinket/cuff-link boxes but I was left with shortish lengths from the trigger end which were beautifully shaped and often knurled to provide grip.

These pieces are now saved, sliced with my chop saw, sanded, polished and a fixing hole drilled – I then attach a stainless steel yacht fastening which you simply unscrew, thread on your keys and screw back together.  It has a long thread so is unlikely to become undone.  Much simpler than a key fob with a split ring, sustainable and attractive! – also putting the keys on won’t split your nails!

They have been very popular so I always keep some in stock.

Dimensions – they vary in size and shape from between 60mm and 120mm.

They have been sealed with Danish oil and buffed to polish the wood rather than leaving a thin easily damaged surface finish – so are polished but durable.