ac woodturning | Tiger Oak Handled Form
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Handled Forms
About This Project

This is a truly stunning piece of tiger oak fused with a metal handle.

The wood came from Stover golf course where it was being attacked by the beefsteak fungus – this often leaves glorious black & brown stripping.

It was turned roughly to shape and dried for 12months, then returned to the lathe and carefully crafted into its final form.

I then worked shards of metal, attached to section of decommissioned gun stock, making an ornately engraved steel handle – re using another generation’s craftsman’s ship to enhance mine.

Finally after multiple coats of Danish oil the outside was polished leaving it with a durable satin glow.

The piece is approximately 100mm in diameter, 200mm tall and comes with its own slate plinth – a truly unique form which would grace anyone’s home.

Available to buy –