ac woodturning | Spalted Oak & Rose Gold – 030616
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Bowls and Platters
About This Project

Another bowl made from an ancient oak which overlooked Seale Hayne Agricultural College.  It had been struck by lightning and was badly damaged.  The tree was over 400 years old and was as a particularly knarly specimen. The mighty buttresses that had stabilised it for years, carrying the weight of the massive canopy, were where the most figured wood would be – so that is what I harvested.

It was recovered across four fields, prepared with chain and band saw, then turned roughly to shape.  Next I carefully controlled the speed at which it dried for 12 months. The dry wood was returned to the lathe and given its final shape.

The beauty of this oak shone out as soon as I added the lemon oil during sanding. I love the multiple voids and incredible patterns/colour changes in the spalting makes it even more striking. The spalting is caused by a fungal attack but have no worries these are killed by the drying process and any potential wood worm are despatched by microwaving the finished bowl.  After it’s given multiple coats of Danish oil, the inside was textured and gilded over two days.  Finally the outside was polished leaving it with a durable satin glow.  The gilding has been sealed with a lacquer to prevent the metal leaf tarnishing.

This piece is approximately 135mm in diameter and 70mm tall – a truly unique form which would grace anyone’s home.

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