ac woodturning | Christmas trees
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About This Project

I’m often left with short off cuts which are too nice to burn – so I’m always seeking new ways to use them.  Setting up my son’s wooden train set a tree which came with it inspired me to make these.

They look really nice in small groups of differing sized and contrasting timbers so I sell most in sets of three’s with each either, being made of a different or at least strongly contrasting timber.

They are one of my biggest sellers and have made hundreds over the past few years. Customers tell me “They’re not just for Christmas” and remain out on display all year.

Dimensions – Range from approx. 60 – 150mm

They’ve been sealed with Danish oil and buffed to polish the wood rather than leaving a thin easily damaged surface finish – so are polished but durable.

Cost – Three for £20 or £8.50 each