ac woodturning | 16th Century Oak Doughnut Bowl. 
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Bowls and Platters
About This Project

It was one of the original roof timbers from a 16th Century Devon Long House just outside Bickington.  It would have been put in place 400 years ago and created from a mature oak at least a hundred years old. Therefore the wood from this bowl would have been growing before the English civil war!  I have retained the exterior character as I believe it’s enhanced by the original shrinkage cracks, small knotty areas and a nail hole where the iron has blackened the wood. But it’s still silky smooth.

This bowl is approximately 160mm in wide and 40mm high.

It has been sealed with finishing oil, buffed to polish the wood rather than leaving a thin easily damaged surface finish and given three coats of microcrystalline wax which helps further protect the piece – leaving it polished but durable.

Own a piece of history which cry’s out to be held.